15-25 mm Dolomite

15-25 mm Dolomite

Product Details

CaO : %30.0 - % 32.5 
MgO : %19.0 - %21.5
Fe2O3 : %0.010 (Maximum)
SiO2 : %0.50 (Maximum)
Al2O3 : %0.10 (Maximum)

Dumlu Özcan Mining produces dolomite mineral with the first quality and purity.The company launches dolomite mineral as dolomite aggregates, dolomite sand and micronized dolomite powder for flint glass,refractory,construction agricultural,paint and detergent industry.

Dumlu Ozcan Mining produces dolomite mineral which has several usage in different industries with particle sizes.

Dumlu Ozcan Mining Company's dolomite products are mainly used to produce flint glass and dolomite based refractory bricks. Also dolomite products are used as aggregates in construction industry , fertiliser in agricultural applications.

Dumlu Özcan Mining produces dolomite in every desired particle size under periodic control in its own laboratory.
Besides these tumbled dolomite aggregates and Alanya Dolomite Terrazzo tiles are also produced for landscape architecture applications.

Dumlu Özcan Mining Company has the capacity of 500.000 tonnes crushed and screened dolomite aggregate , 20.000 tonnes micronized dolomite production per year.

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